I recently met a candidate who, I accidentally found out via Google, was recently a recipient of a multi-million dollar out-of-court settlement from his ex-business partner. When our small-talk at the initial chat drifted to his recent holiday in the Caribbean, my curiosity got the better of me and I just had to clarify my [...]

If you find yourself currently looking for a new Sales and especially if you fit into a more junior bracket (with little or no experience) there is an interview technique you really ought to consider. Going into the interview there is one thing you must be absolutely certain of. Internalise this, meditate on it, self-affirm over and over. [...]

Too often when I am speaking to Sales Managers, they are referring to a Key Performance Indicator being the number of cold calls their team have to make. Well, guess what, the world has changed. This doesn’t work anymore. People are tired of being pitched to and will switch off if they are hearing the [...]

Genuinely great Business Developers have excellent influencing skills. They have the ability to recognize opportunities, the capacity to read people and are able to understand their client’s hot and cold buttons quickly. They also have the emotional intelligence to understand the difference between influence and manipulation and think longer term about relationships with their clients. [...]