How to Stand Out in an Interview: A Killer Technique

If you find yourself currently looking for a new Sales and especially if you fit into a more junior bracket (with little or no experience) there is an interview technique you really ought to consider.

Going into the interview there is one thing you must be absolutely certain of. Internalise this, meditate on it, self-affirm over and over. Point all your energy and intent in one direction – that you want a Career in Sales, and you will stop at nothing to succeed in getting it.

‘Why a Sales in the long-term?’ your interviewer (likely a highly experienced and passionate Sales Professional themselves) might ask you.

Well, the formula is as follows:
1) Passion for People
2) Passion for Sales
3) Passion for Business

The above 3 factors constitute your passion for Sales and you best be radiating it with your entire essence if you want to be successful in getting the job. Make sure you articulate your intentions well enough, too. Optional – throw in some humor for good measure. Tell them you will eat glass to get the job!

Without strong experience, don’t go into an interview with anything less than the above or decision makers will be unlikely to take a punt on you.